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Happy New Year From Tropo: New US Domestic Pricing!

Posted on January 1, 2016 by JP Shipherd

It’s been a busy six months since Tropo joined Cisco and while we’ve been quiet for much of this time there has been a LOT going on.   First and foremost, we should let you know that Cisco is committed to maintaining and growing Tropo. To that end we are announcing new lower pricing for US Domestic calls, messages and phone numbers. US Phone numbers now cost only $1 per month (2$ for toll free) and messages and calls start as low as 3/4 of a cent per message or per minute! As part of Cisco we can apply better economies of scale and we want to pass those savings on to our users. These changes went into effect starting today, January 1, 2016, and will automatically be applied to all customers except for those that have Enterprise contracts with us. Look for changes to our international pricing later in the year!

In addition to growing and expanding Tropo as it exists today, the Tropo team is also helping Cisco grow a more developer friendly culture. This is in Tropo’s DNA and the team at Cisco has asked us to take our experience creating APIs that developer’s love and apply it to the broader Cisco Collaboration offering. You can see the first examples of this at the new Developer portal for Spark. The great news for Tropo developers about this work is that we will be working to make these new collaboration APIs available to Tropo to developers so that they can embed additional real time communication capabilities like video and IP messaging in addition to the voice and SMS capabilities that we have today.

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